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Triducive’s amplified Delphi consensus approach has multiple applications to the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medtech industry. We focus, consolidate and amplify expert opinion around clinical or healthcare management questions and build a powerful voice behind recommendations for change/improvement. This can help reach a variety of goals that ultimately strengthens the brand’s value proposition.

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Closing critical evidence gaps

At a number of stages of the product life-cycle, new data is needed to support the product proposition. This may be data needed by assessment agencies prior to launch, or new data to establish existing or new arguments as the lifecycle evolves.  As expert opinion-based evidence can be consolidated and published in a matter of months by using the Delphi consensus method, this makes for a very agile way to address time-sensitive evidence needs. The credible nature of this approach and extent to which Triducive’s amplified consensus builds in large-scale peer support makes this a powerful basis for campaigns with the potential to change practice.

3 Key Opportunity Areas We Support, Across The Product Lifecycle

Establish unmet need

Case Study: Defining the clinical patient cohort for a new antibiotic treatment in a conservative market

One of the first and biggest opportunities for healthcare innovations is to establish greater understanding, clarity and focus around relevant patient needs. Triducive’s work helps understand, better define and mobilise advocacy around as-yet poorly defined or under-recognised needs. Examples are:

  • Defining a new patient cohort who need the profile of newer antibiotic treatments
  • Establishing the need for lower treatment threshold for effective management of a chronic disease
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Encourage optimal healthcare practices

Case Study: Helping A Leader in Respiratory Medicine to Improve Referral Pathways in the United Kingdom

Triducive have supported and/or delivered a number of campaigns that stimulate new healthcare practice to be considered and adopted to optimise patient outcomes, validated by experts. Examples include:

  • Helping to improve referral pathways
  • Providing validated ‘model’ pathway approaches to support service recovery following COVID-19
  • Defining optimal practices for the use of surgical products using expert-recommended best practice
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Support new policies

Case Study: Supporting new EU healthcare policy for a novel anti-infective

Considered use of the Delphi method can be a powerful tool to help define/support new healthcare policy such as treatment guidelines or even to support health technology appraisal where there is need to reduce uncertainties around existing data.  The method is perfectly suited to using expert opinion to enrich the debate around existing policy or approaches and then converge on recommendations for new policy through iteration and validation.

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Why choose a Triducive-led amplified Delphi campaign?

Triducive are the leaders in facilitating healthcare Delphi consensus and in the last five years we have achieved more than 50 peer-reviewed journal outputs on behalf of clients across the pharmaceutical, surgical, and medical technology industry.

Additionally, our in-house capability extends to developing tailored communications that are designed to build on the opportunity for change that a strong consensus can provide.  Triducive help plan for implementation right from the start because we know that real change needs coordinated campaigns.  Find out more about how we use Delphi Method to drive change from our case studies. 

I am delighted to say that we have fully approved and rolled-out the value proposition with some great feedback from the team. I have been hugely impressed with the support we have been given by Triducive.

UK Senior Brand Manager

“Triducive works well with our team – they created an innovative customer engagement campaign that we have already seen success with. Triducive was willing to adopt new working practices and adapt with our team.”

Franchise Lead, UK Pharma

“I can highly recommend Triducive. They have a real talent for simplifying complex challenges & developing clear communication messages that resonate with the audience.”

Executive Director, Medical, Global Pharma

“Triducive are experts in their field and ensure that they keep up to date with the ever-changing industry. They are great strategists and apply extensive experience from a variety of brands and global markets to a project.”

Managing Director, Health Consultancy

“I enjoyed working with Triducive. The team were friendly, helpful and professional and documents were turned around swiftly”

Senior Market Access Manager, Global Pharma

“Triducive are efficient and knowledgeable. They have supported us in getting a long overdue project off the ground with clear direction and guidance”

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“Triducive are highly professional and proactive. Their support was highly appreciated by KOLs. We have achieved exactly what we wanted to achieve – which was far from easy”

Senior Global Marketing Leader, Global Healthcare Company

“Triducive have transformed my commercial part of the business”

Director, Global Pharma Company

“Triducive has been excellent and would certainly recommend your services to peers”

Global Commercial Leader, MedTech

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