Shape the market to influence the reception of your brand

The aspiration for any healthcare brand is to demonstrate value, as value is what the market demands. However, it has been reported that ~66% of new pharma products have an uncertain value and ~45% of launches fail to get close to first-year expectations.

Rather than working on aggressive marketing campaigns to become relevant to a market, the winners in the space are aware of the bigger picture and understand the need to shape the market themselves.

This white paper discusses the increased adoption of market shaping initiatives among pharma brands and the use of the Delphi methodology for driving impetus for change.

What will this white paper answer?

  • What strategies can be used to demonstrate value in healthcare
  • How to navigate healthcare systems’ cost control challenges
  • How market shaping differs from promoting and selling
  • How companies use market shaping today

Who is this white paper for?

This guide will be useful to brand managers in the health and wellness industry, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical device space, concerned with demonstrating value effectively.