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A summary of the status of medical affairs capabilities across Europe

Successfully demonstrating value to healthcare systems requires highly developed capabilities in collaboration, rapid assimilation of scientific and market changes and effective, responsive communication across the pharmaceutical value chain (R&D, logistics, market access, and commercial). Industry observers such as Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) argue that Medical Affairs (MA) is a powerful force in helping pharma to achieve this.

Although helpful definitions for medical affairs capabilities have been available and discussed for some time, we noticed that very little evidence exists about the level of emphasis organisations place on them. Additionally, little is published about the progress being made:

  • Where are we now?
  • How are we progressing?
  • Which areas need the greatest additional effort/support?

Triducive implemented a piece of research to understand the views and opinions of those working within Medical Affairs about these very questions.

Who is this white paper for?

This white paper is for medical affairs specialists in the pharmaceutical industry looking to define their strategic focus for 2023 and beyond.