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Helping a Leader in Menopause Care

Case Study:

Helping a leader in menopause care to improve equity of access and choice of HRT products in the UK


The Client

Our client is a leader in the development and supply of women’s health medicines and they commissioned Triducive to help address the inequity of choice and access to HRT options and the inconsistent system of menopause management.

Therapy Area

In recent years there have been publications/statements from leading bodies establishing transdermal therapy with good VTE safety compared to oral therapy. However, at the time, the majority of UK formularies listed transdermal patches as a second-line option to oral options. Whilst this was historically due to cost, habit and routine there is the rationale for transdermal options to be offered to patients as an equal first-line choice.


With a diverse and growing population of women reaching and living well beyond the menopause, the impact of this inequity is becoming more pronounced. The objective of this project was to establish a consensus that supports a greater equity of access and choice of HRT and provision of individualised care.

Our client identified the opportunity to address:
Inequity of choice and access to HRT options
An inconsistent system of menopause management across the UK



Triducive began working on this project mid 2021 and together with the client team, designed a modified Delphi approach which aimed to create:


Our Process

Step 1

A multi-disciplinary group of experts from across the UK were facilitated to pinpoint the challenges related to access and choice of HRT products and then define a set of statements that described ‘ideal’ practice.

Step 2

A structured online survey was developed and disseminated across other HCPs with expertise in the area. The online survey tested the strength of agreement that existed in relation to the statements developed.

Step 3

A subsequent facilitated review of the full dataset by the steering group led to the development of a core set of recommendations that reflected the results achieved.  These were focused on improving equity of access to HRT options.

Step 4

A manuscript capable of peer-reviewed publication was developed and authored by the steering group.  Triducive supported submission to the Journal of Post Reproductive Health (British Menopause Society) for peer review.

Outcomes & Observations



responses achieved from HCPs involved in menopause care.


clear recommendations which inform potential improvements to menopause care in the UK


Published in a highly credible peer-reviewed journal (from the British Menopause Society)

Following submission, the manuscript was accepted and subsequently published in early-2022 (around 12 months from initial project scoping).

  • There is evidence already emerging for local guidelines improving access to transdermal options.
  • Transdermal HRT options have since caught up with prescribing of oral options (after consistently lagging in their use) in the latest 12 month data (OpenPrescribing).

The client have since worked with Triducive and other partners to develop campaign activities based on this to lobby for changes to local and national guidelines, aligned with the BMS and NICE recommendation for personalisation of care:

  • Aiming to support simplification of local treatment guidelines to reflect BMS guidance
  • Encouraging and supporting education for non-specialist HCPs who manage women experiencing menopausal symptoms

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