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Published Work

We’re proud to have a body of work of almost 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals of varying specialty.  Here’s a small sample:


Improving Referral Pathways in the United Kingdom

Defining The Position For The Use Of A New EU Antibiotic

Defining a Clinically Appropriate Definition of Disease Modification for Plaque Psoriasis

Recommendations for Managing Hyperkalaemia across the Cardiorenal Spectrum

Defining Appropriate Selection of Continence Pads

Defining the Optimal Management of Patients with CKD

Improving Access to Emergency Contraception

Defining Equitable Care For VWD


Defining The Optimal Pathway For A Rare Disease

Supporting greater equity of access and choice of HRT

Improving Referral & Management of Severe Asthma in Canada

Defining optimal use & clinical utility of leadless pacing systems

Improving The Pathway To Manage ADHD

Stratifying patient need for a hi-tech glucose monitor

Defining Best Practice For Optimal Outcomes In Robotic Surgery


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