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The Beneficial Role of AI in Radiology 

Case Study:

Establishing Consensus about the Beneficial Role of AI in Radiology


Our client is a large biotech and pharmaceutical company, that produces contrast agents and other products for medical imaging and radiology.

The Unites States is facing a shortage of radiologists due to increased workloads resulting from complex medical imaging technology and the demands of an aging population.


In April 2023 The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) released a guidance document to provide its recommendations on the development of medical devices that are supported by machine learning algorithms.

With over 300 AI algorithms of potential relevance to this area, our client sees the  potential to shift their focus to deliver value towards the use of AI that improves medical imaging efficiency.

As a first step, the client wanted to identify areas of consensus on critical topics within this field and highlight the key concerns and potential benefits of AI to help support its integration in radiology.



Triducive designed and led an in-person consensus in Arizona, US, also accommodating for some attendees to join remotely. A Nominal Group Technique (NGT) was used with an expert group of US-based radiologists. This approach persisted over a number of rounds until agreement was achieved across the expert group regarding the most crucial statements for each topic:

Our Process

Step 1

Prior to the meeting, participants voted on the key areas to focus the discussion on

Step 2

During the 3-days meeting, participants discussed the topics during a series of workshops using the NGT and generated 51 statements

Step 3

Structured rounds of conversation followed until agreement was reached on statements



A publication-ready manuscript by the end of the 3-days meeting – focused on consideration for standardization of AI development and implementation in the US



clear recommendations have the potential to lay the groundwork for the use of AI in radiology   

Potential to further the research by expanding upon the current consensus generated by testing the levels of agreement with a wider audience of  radiologists ublished in a high impact peer-reviewed journal which supports credibility and citation of subsequent materials Provided a strong platform for the client team to engage in policy activity regarding innovation, following actions set by the White House in October 2023 – intended to further the use of safe, secure, and trustworthy AI 

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