Differentiating Healthcare Brands - White Paper

Demonstrate value and protect your prices

There’s a growing gap between pharma and healthcare systems.

R&D productivity is falling, and costs are climbing, which is putting an unprecedented level of profit expectation on any new product that makes it to market. This, on the other hand, goes in conflict with any healthcare system’s need to control costs.

To maintain profitability, pharmaceutical brands must demonstrate value to healthcare stakeholders. The question to ask is, ‘what’s our strategy for delivering customer value?’

To deliver on a successful benefit differentiation strategy, the goal is to find the sweet spot that exists between what customers need and the proposition you offer, that your competitor can’t or won’t.

In this white paper, Triducive identifies, and outlines four different approaches pharma brands can adopt to differentiate from competition and protect their prices.

This white paper includes:

  • Four strategies for winning in any marketplace
  • Ways to avoid the “we’re better than…” trap
  • The process of benefit differentiation and how to stand out
  • Finding the sweet spot between customer needs, your offering, and the competition
  • Options for differentiation beyond the marketing mix

Who is this white paper for?

This whitepaper is for pharmaceutical brand managers navigating the challenge to innovate and demonstrate value in highly conservative environments.