Delivering Change in Healthcare

The healthcare environment is growing in complexity. The demand for trusted data to demonstrate value is increasing at a time where potential for businesses to communicate directly with stakeholders in healthcare systems is diminishing or, at the very least, changing.  The need for the voice of external advocates who can help communicate or reinforce important messages and share vision and experience around patient care is becoming more pronounced.

In this context, the power of external expert advocacy as a core strategy to communicate with and support behaviours of target audiences is difficult to ignore. The quest to develop a group of experts willing and able to convey data, experience and perspective that aligns with brand strategy to peers and others is a challenge that requires vision, planning and a durable commitment.

Triducive use a simple framework for healthcare advocacy development that guides our work in this area.

How Triducive Drive Change Through Healthcare Advocacy

Triducive are experienced in design and delivery of a range of advocacy programs and activities including:

  •   Stakeholder mapping & engagement planning
  •   Clinical education programs
  •   Consensus development & amplification

All of the advocacy and engagement programs from Triducive are based on the same framework to ensure consistent and effective results:

Establish the goals of advocacy

Why do we want to engage?

How should success with this be measured?

Align with stakeholder interests

Why would a potential advocate engage with us on this?

How can goals be adapted to include their interest?

Develop specific activities

What mix of activities will help get us closer to achieving the business goals?

Profile & mobilise external experts advocates

Who can help achieve the goals?

Does the plan consider how to support experts effectively?

Measure the impact

Are the right KPIs in place to measure the impact?

doctors working together

What is the Delphi Method in Healthcare and How Can it Build Advocacy?

The most comprehensive advocacy activity that Triducive specialise in is design and delivery of modified Delphi consensus-based campaigns for healthcare decision-making.

The aim of the approach is:

  • To focus, consolidate, and amplify expert opinions around clinical or healthcare management questions and build a powerful voice behind recommendations for change / improvement,
  • To equip and mobilise expert stakeholders behind a common opportunity with clear, confident messages that they own and feel supported on,
  • To increase stakeholders’ desire to support the behaviours of others.

Find out more about the use of Delphi Method in Healthcare.

Mobilising Advocates to Support Better Decisions in Healthcare

Triducive’s work has built advocacy around many treatments / policies / pathways which has improved healthcare outcomes across a range of therapy areas.


Example 1 – Clarifying the position of sealant use to prevent air leak following lung surgery across Europe.

Across Europe there was a mix of attitudes of thoracic surgeons about the rationale and use of sealants to prevent intraoperative air leaks following lung surgery. Variation in practice led to increased patient morbidity, variable surgical outcomes and avoidable costs.

Triducive developed a modified Delphi campaign which resulted in a credible value proposition for surgical experts to drive changes in practice they believed in. Multi format content was produced for training and advocacy mobilisation towards establishing a new ‘standard of care’.

Click here to read the full case study.


Example 2 – Defining the clinical patient cohort for a new antibiotic treatment

This program aimed to pinpoint the challenges with identifying risk factors and the clinical burden of Clostridium difficile and encourage a review of current guidelines to improve recognition of clinical need and guide appropriate antibiotic use.

A manuscript was developed which was published in a high impact peer-reviewed journal and presented at medical education events. This provided a strong platform for the client to engage with policy makers concerning EU and national antibiotic stewardship.

Click here to read the full case study.

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